Sexual Assault and Abuse

If you are experiencing urgent and serious symptoms and/or injuries resulting from sexual assault, call 911 or go to the nearest 24/7 emergency room in the following areas:

  • Drummondville
  • Trois-Rivières
  • Shawinigan-Sud
  • Victoriaville
  • La Tuque

The emergency services at these centers are designated specifically to treat victims of sexual assault. Anyone (children, adolescents, women, and men) with a condition requiring a health assessment (physical or psychological), or a medical or forensic examination can be admitted.

Victims Under 18
All situations in which a person under the age of 18 is a suspected victim of sexual assault or abuse must be reported to Youth Protection Services (DPJ): 1 (800) 567-8520.

Telephone Resources

  • Provincial Resource Line for Victims of Sexual Assault, 24/7: 1 (888) 933-9007
  • Info-Social: Dial 811
  • Native Help Line: 1 (855) 242-3310

Help and Support Services
No matter your age or how much time has passed since the assault or abuse occurred, you may always consult psychosocial and support services.

Sexual assault and abuse can have consequences that last for years. Whatever your need, you may seek help:

  • Obtaining information
  • Obtaining support or assistance
  • Treating injuries
  • Screening and treatment of sexually transmitted and blood-borne infections (STBBIs);
  • Preventing or confirming a pregnancy;
  • Making a decision whether to file a complaint
  • Collecting evidence on the assault or abuse
  • Coping with and healing from the consequences of assault or abuse

Community Organizations, Support Groups and Help Lines
Other regional resources are available to offer you help and support, even if the assault or abuse dates back several years.

Sexual Assault Assistance Centers (CALACS):

  • CALACS of Trois-Rivières: 819 373-1232
  • CALACS La Passerelle in Drummondville: 819 478-3353
  • CALACS Unies-Vers-Elles (MRC Arthabaska, de l'Érable and Bécancour): 819 751-0755
  • CALACS Entraid'Action (Center de la Mauricie, Mékinac and Haut-St-Maurice): 819 538-4554 or toll free 1-855-538-4554
  • Provincial resource line for victims of sexual assault: 1 888 933-9007

Help Centers for Victims of Crime (CAVAC):

  • CAVAC de la Mauricie 819 373-0337
    Toll free 1 888 552-2822
  • CAVAC du Center-du-Québec 819 472-1110
    Toll free 1 888 472-1110

Center d'Entraide Mauricie-Center-du-Québec for sexually assaulted men in childhood

  • EMPHASE 819 519-4273
    Toll free 1 855 519-4273

Additional Information
Sexual assault and abuse are unwanted acts of sex that take place with or without physical contact. In some cases, particularly in the case of children, the abuser can act by blackmail or by playing with the victim's feelings.

Sexual assault and abuse allow an attacker to respond to their own desires through the abuse of power, physical force, and threats.

Sexual assault and abuse violate fundamental rights and endanger the security of a person, physically and psychologically.

In Quebec, 70 percent of sexual assaults take place in private homes and the majority of victims are under 16 years of age. The vast majority of sexual assault and abuse is committed by someone known to the victim.


The Information Guide for Victims of Sexual Assault (3.4Mb) ​​is available for victims and their families. Designed by the Table de concertation sur les abus sexuels de Montréal, the guide provides definitions of sexual assault in its various forms, statistics on victims and sexual assailants, possible consequences following a sexual assault, information on the role of loved ones, details about medico-social, psychological and financial assistance offered to victims, as well as information on the law and legal process.